Lockdown Tips #1

You’ve had a lot to take in recently with ‘About Investing’ – and your responses have been very encouraging! I’ll update you with more investing tips in the coming weeks. In the meantime, log on to the ASX for more info if you haven’t already.

Meanwhile, just when we thought it was safe to leave our masks at home … it’s lockdown in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as at 21 July. How long for, we’re all asking? It’s like predicting the sharemarket’s ups and downs. No-one can. 

We’re confined to our homes. Working, schooling and caring is difficult and frustrating at best. If your work’s an ‘essential service’, at least you’re getting out-of-doors therapy. The rest of us have to make the best of it. (By the way, I think hairdressers and barbers are essential; maybe we could go in, masked, one at a time?) 

Loo paper aside, how should we prepare?

  1. Buy fresh, green vegetables and carrots. (You can’t give the “no time!” excuse now!) Make a lunchtime and evening salad with grated (or whole) carrots and your choice of sliced fennel bulbs, cos lettuce and celery. Scrub and wash the veggies and chew. Skip the processed dressings: lemon juice, parsley and rocket are enough to liven them up!  
  1. Buy citrus fruit (including kiwis), apples and/or red papaya. Slice and eat with a squeeze of lime. Have your citrus juiced or quartered first thing in the morning, and apples between breakfast and lunch.
  1. Stock your pantry with healthy carbs – ie. wholegrain oats or Weetbix, sourdough, Turkish, multigrain or wholemeal pita bread, pasta, and rice or rice noodles (no instant noodles or horrible flavour sachets). All can be bought from your nearest supermarket; Deliveroo can knock on someone else’s door.

    I know you’ll rush for comfort food (‘discomfort food’ as I term it) – this becomes especially unhealthy if you’re stuck at home, sedentary and eating it daily. It’s dangerous, addictive and a hard habit to break. 
  1. Exercise. The gym’s closed, so WALK! I do at least 2 to 3kms a day (or more if I need to). PLEASE make this a must-do part of your day. Don’t make friends with our arch-foe  resistance, which lulls us into this ‘‘why bother?’’ attitude. Succumb and you’ll regret it. 
  1. Relax and focus with a good book. I recommend Eat Like The Animals by Stephen Simpson and David Raubenheimer. Their 2 videos have featured on my website for many weeks now. I still have copies to give away, so please watch the clips to find out how to get one. Read the book for your own sake and for your kids! 

Healthy light food & snack preps 

  • Have your healthy breads toasted with egg, cheese, tuna or shredded chicken or falafel. Add lettuce or tomato. 
  • For snacks try Vita-Wheat with peanut butter, Greek yoghurt with honey.
  • If you need a sugar fix, have dried figs, pear or apricot. Soak overnight, drain the water, add a dollop of cream and a few walnuts or almonds. 
  • Pastry lovers should try a crumpet instead of a biscuit. How does cream cheese and jam or just honey on one sound? Kids will love it too!
  • If you desperately need chocolate, dark is best (it’s low in sugar), but milk chocolate is OK. Have a few almonds or walnuts with it for fibre. 

All this and suggestions for lunch and dinner meals are in my earlier posts.

Emotionally distance yourself from any nasties still lurking in your pantry. NOW’S THE TIME TO THROW THEM OUT!!  

Please keep your questions, comments and suggestions coming – I simply LOVE receiving them!

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