Lockdown Tips #2

I hope my lockdown video for this week will help and amuse you! The points in it are so important that I’ll list them again in this post.  

  1. START WITH A MORNING WALK – it’s VITAL. With gyms in Sydney still closed, it’s even more critical. Don’t lie in bed ruminating with “Should I get up or not? … it’s cold … I’ll do it tomorrow … “. Sound familiar?

    I absolutely promise that the very  day you start this new routine you’ll never look back. Your eyes and your cheeks will glow, you’ll feel more positive, and tackle the rest of your day with more energy than you thought you had. In fact, some people I’ve talked to have slowly cut their dependence on antidepressants with regular walks. Its effects are even better in the gym, once it reopens! Read the 20 Benefits of Walking in Move! 1.0 again.

  2. Have CITRUS FRUIT and at least 2 glasses of water before your walk. After 7 hours or so of sleep, you must hydrate! Water stimulates your colon – perfect with your walk to prevent constipation.

  3. FREE YOUR MIND while you walk. Look at the trees, the sky, listen to the birds. No talking on smartphones – especially if the kids are out with you. The hour or so you have on your walk is precious. Don’t waste it. Attend to any young kids at home, and then take them out with you. 

  4. Use your family lockdown time WISELY. Infants and toddlers can be draining I know, but try talking calmly to them, sing a song together or hum a tune. 

  5. Teach kids HEALTHY EATING. Start with helping them understand the body’s digestive process. Knowing how their heart, lungs, liver and kidneys function reinforces the importance of eating and exercising well. Read my post on ‘Sweet Addicts, Healthy Kids’. There are excellent books available suitable for kids 5 years and up, and I’ve put up a couple on the video. Order 1 or 2 online if you can – I recommend the Australian site ‘Booktopia’.

  6. Teach kids to SAVE. Principles of building wealth and saving is what ALL children should be taught – and it’s your job! Critically they must learn that money is not about greed and power, but having choices and being financially independent. Start with credit card debt. $1000 owed could double and even triple over time if not paid off in full. But saving only small amounts can increase month after month, as long as they keep saving. 

  7. Teach kids SHARES – from as early as 8! If they save only $500, you can buy shares for them until they turn 18.

Explain bank interest to them, and how today’s rates are so low that shares are the go. If they’re mature enough, throw LICs and ETFs at them. I cover this in Invest 3.0. They could buy a share in a store they actually go to, eg. JB Hi-Fi or Athlete’s Foot.

They love their smartphones don’t they? Do they know who their phone internet provider is? Telstra, TPG or Aussie Broadband perhaps?

Ask them what they think their phones and iPads are made from? Statistica.com provides very useful smartphone data for them to look up – eg. iron, lead, zinc, tin, copper and aluminium to name a few. Now, which ASX companies produce these materials? BHP and Rio Tinto are 2.

Get the kids to pick 2 stocks each, eg. JBs and Athlete’s Foot. They can start a ‘pretend’ watchlist on the ASX website. Check the share prices with them often. At least 1 person in the family will be hooked, want to know more and do their own research – exactly what happened with me. I sat with Dad everyday while he showed me his list of rubber and tin stocks! 

Now, isn’t this so much better than talking about absolutely nothing or posting on social media? TIME is their greatest asset: make sure they know how to use it!

8 thoughts on “Lockdown Tips #2

  1. kayfranks

    Hi Shirley, thank you for Shirl’s Pearl’s, you are an inspiration, and never had we needed inspiration more than now. We are living in difficult times, people pushing agendas, scary, thank you friend for your Sage advice, Kay xx

    • Nice of you to write Kay, thank you. I know we are all doing our best during this lockdown – and it can be difficult as well
      as bewildering. I try to see the positive in every thing and hope all of us at Shirls Pearls continue to inspire you.

  2. Efrem Manassey

    Dear Shirl,
    I’ve heard too many vapid and pedestrian ideas concerning how to occupy oneself during lockdown. The same points just seem to go round and round in the mainstream media ad nauseam. Thankfully your suggestions are much wiser than most of what is out there during this latest Covid lockdown.

    The practise of singing with the kids is beautiful. In fact, using the ample time at home to teach children about specific areas of life is a great idea! Saving and investment skills are best encouraged during childhood, so as to lay down positive conditionings for the rest of life. This is more important than many people realize. And guiding young minds through the share market can only build strong skills, enabling greater choice and financial freedom in the long run. I appreciate your quality of ideas, Shirley. This blog is most refreshing.

  3. Maria Mourtsis

    Hi Shirley

    How are you

    Thank you for all your inspirational messages

    Have a lovely day

    Speak to you soon



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    • Nice to hear from you Maria and thank you for your message. I’m fine and getting using this lockdown to clean up my workspace … it’s like washing up – a job that never stays done.

  4. rosblatt

    Thanks Shirley, As usual most interesting, such a shame that the Investing section is late for me but will inform my grandkids when they start work. Thanks for including me, the photo that is, but where was Amos???

    • Thanks Ros for your comments, and yes please also tell your grandkids to read our series on Investing while they are in lockdown!
      I will pass your message on to Amos – I think he could be waiting to get his haircut.

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