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  1. Joyce Hanin

    Tribute to Our Divine ‘M’
    Thank you to all my dear cousins, sisters and friends who put this together. Your sincerity came through in every way and brought tears of appreciation to my eyes. Love you all very much ❤️
    We have all been so touched by our dearest M since childhood and thank goodness, we have so many beautiful memories of her lovely presence and gentle interactions with us. She may not have known it herself, because she was such a humble soul, but she DID impact everyone she met. We were especially fortunate that she was in our family. She brought so much light to all of us – and in these past years she appreciated even more, the music and outstanding voices and talents we shared via YouTube. It was like she wanted to hear and see as much as she could in the time she had left.

    I’m at least relieved that I always told her how much she was loved, appreciated, admired; that she was courageous, inspiring and noble, that she was beautiful. And at the very last, on the Monday of that last few days, we still spoke for a few seconds. She had said, “This is it.” I had told her to cling to God and that we were all with her in heart and spirit wherever she was and that we would always love her. I had said, to keep up her spirits, that I would call in a few days and she said ok. And with soft, loving words, we ended our last conversation.

    So, if I may, I’d like to share the song she was most moved by in the past 4 years and I would send her various versions, but these were her two favorites and she had asked me to send them to her several times each: Adagio based on Tomaso Albinoni’s Adagio for Strings.

    1) Lara Fabian’s fabulous version which we were actually introduced to AFTER we had been amazed by the other version below. I played it for her on that Thursday US time, when we were were all praying and waiting. I truly sensed and felt that somehow, she heard it.
    Lara wrote the English lyrics and had written to the young singer below to congratulate him on his “fantastic performance” of this song.
    Margaret loved both of them so much and was so charmed when they finally got to sing together in 2019, enthusing about their performance.
    Here is the other one:
    2) Dimash K’s version from 2017

    This one I had sent M in 2017 when I had first come across and been blown away by, the incredible vocal range of a then 23 year old singer, who didn’t speak English named Dimash Kudaibergen.
    He had been invited to compete in a hugely popular Chinese singing competition amongst established singers.
    Margaret had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and I had wanted to distract her from that dark cloud a little bit. Happily, she instantly became very excited and from then on, always uplifted by his singing, hugely enthused, wanting to know all about him, his background and training etc. Like me, she could hardly believe what she had heard. She became thoroughly involved with his singing and his voice, once saying to me, “I keep trying very hard to listen for one mistake, just one, but it never ever happens! Unreal!” (Remember that word she used?) She had chuckled heartily- a good sound for my ears.

    I will always remember how this and other music made her happy. I will of course, always remember her rich singing voice, but I will also, always hear her lovely speaking voice and her enthusiasm about music and all the clips we shared, as long as I live – and those memories will in turn, make give me happiness too.
    Love you forever, beautiful Margaret. 💝

  2. Phil Cohen

    Hi Shirl, Just watched the two professors and found the insight of protein leverage tricking us into error, fascinating. The two profs kind of prove Mum was right. Thanks for giving us the access to these two special intellects. Phil

    • Hi Phil – glad you got around to watching the video – I have you to thank for telling me about ‘Eat Like The Animals!’
      I will keep Professors Charles Raubenheimer and Stephen Simpson on the front page of our website and hopefully more people will watch their video.

  3. eyetoeknee

    Hi Shirley, your last post about investing was very thought provoking. As a 53 year old, I have thought my retirement plan out.
    One thing that I think your readers could benefit from as I have done is having those difficult conversations with your ageing parents about what their wishes are and how they can be supported by their off spring! I have had those conversations and I cannot tell you how beneficial they have been for me, my parents and brother. I now know what their plans are when one of my parents passes, what their wishes are re life support, power of attorney, which type of retirement village or aged care facility, funeral arrangements, their wills etc.
    These are awkward but important conversations that many of us should have with our parents but probably haven’t . It saves so much stress.
    Could you perhaps put your thoughts about this in an edition of Shirl’s Pearls. I’m sure you would have some helpful ideas to share!

    • A good point. Will do some research and write on this very soon. I can’t help but smile now when I remember what my dear mum said when I asked if she and dad made a will ” ..how can you ask us this while we are still alive??” in those days it was never discussed!

  4. ros

    Hi Shirley, I was one of the Lucky ones, Menopause went by me, perhaps because I had a Hysterectomy at age 39?

    • Hi Ros – Hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms can occur temporarily after a hysterectomy but usually ease during the healing process. It’s removal of the ovaries – which produce estrogen – that causes menopause to occur immediately. Of course most women could sail through this without any symptoms, while others will need their menopausal fans!
      Enjoy your life – laugh, sing .. and .. exercise?

  5. Michelle Seery

    Hi Shirley, I have known you for so long and never knew the reasoning behind your physical activities.

    • Yes walking as I did every morning saved me from taking anti-depressants and kept oesteoporosis away.. so critical after I was diagnosed with premature menopause.
      In fact on rainy days when I couldn’t walk I had withdrawals – tried to compensate by running up and down stairs. Now I have the gym to go to it’s a much better alternative!
      Thanks for your comment mlseery!

    • Efrem Manassey

      Dear Shirl,
      Your blog entitled ‘Move’ did strike a chord within me. Though I cannot imagine frequenting a beach named ‘Changi’ I know the allure of the seaside intimately. Luckily I was born and bred in Australia and my dad taught me to swim as a small child.

      Hence, I have long reaped the benefits of swimming and can attest to its lifelong value. Now I am older, I am learning about the benefits of sustained walking at pace. I cannot but support enthusiastically this valuable blog post that inspires us to ‘move’! 👍

  6. Very interesting info in Move! 2.0. I now understand so much more of why you do the things you do. I have known you for so long but never knew the underlying reasons of your activities.

  7. Efrem Manassey

    Dear Shirl,
    I love the idea of carrot and beetroot juice. This is easy to organize and obviously so beneficial. Figs too are a great substitute for other sweet things of a more dubious nature.

    A bigger picture is being formed through your successive posts. Thanks for sharing all these excellent ideas.

    • We so easily forget the goodness and taste of the foods that are good for us! if you don’t have a juicer, a whole beetroot, scrubbed, quartered and steamed with lightly salted water (watch when it starts boiling) is ready to eat when you can poke a fork through it. Slice when cooled, keep in a glass jar with 1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. Ready to eat with grated carrot, parsley or mint. Sweetness without sugar, flavour without preservatives. You’ll never want to open a can again. Worth the time?

  8. Efrem Manassey

    Yes, it’s is unsettling to see how kids are targeted by advertisers relentlessly, especially in terms of junk food. This rank exploitation is unacceptable to many people including myself.

    I found your point about resisting comfort food most telling. There arises a moment when only sheer willpower can trounce the sudden onset of food cravings. Sweet and fatty treats often entice me and sometimes only baseline resistance is the answer.

    • I always have a few figs, dried apricots/pears soaking in the fridge.. when I get similar cravings I take 1 fig, 1-2 apricots (or pear) out of the jar microwave for 10 seconds, and serve with a half teaspoon of cream and a few almonds..try it!

  9. Shoshie Lam

    SIT you’ve nailed it Shpirl and the RRR is a great one to turn the zombie’s alive again oh just realised Gen Z is that what it stands for🤣

  10. Efrem Manassey

    Thanks for your meal by meal breakdown of diet possibilities, Shirl. You’ve built your followers up to this point where now we see your food intake outline in Blog 9.

    I am beginning with decreasing sugars and habitual dependence on carbohydrates. Coupled with quality lean meat, fish, plenty of vegetables and some fruit – I should get there.

    • You are doing this so well. Persist and your cravings for processed carbs and extra-fatty foods will moderate. These foods are especially appealing when you’re hungry! I always make sure I have a small container of dates and almonds with me – because yes even I have indulged in my favourite Kettle chilli chips – thoroughly ashamed to tell you – some evenings when I have been too busy for my usual afternoon tea and peanut butter/whole grain toast snack.

  11. Efrem Manassey

    Dear Shirley,
    I have heard one person at work expound the virtues of regular colonic irrigation, especially in terms of increased energy and better moods. Admittedly, you are the first person to explain the actual process to me. Your personal touch makes the telling more interesting and relatable.

    Although I do not find the photos of colonic irrigation (CI) apparatus shown in your blog remotely comforting, I am personally interested in the long term effects of CI. This procedure could well be something that would help me considerably…

  12. shoshy simons

    Thank you Shirley for your openness and honesty
    Your explanations and passion is truly inspiring not to mention educating
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us

    • For all the reasons you mentioned, I was also apprehensive about having a colonic. Familiar with the term way back in the 80’s but absolutely too embarassed to have one. When I started writing about it, I thought I should try it at least once. I’m so glad I did – and now I can say from experience it wasn’t at all uncomfortable or embarassing and like your friend I felt energised. Meeting Anna was the highlight, on her instructions I successfully weaned myself off all fibre supplements. never thought it was possible.
      Anna will give a 15 minute consult to all Shirls’ Pearlers who book in. Well worth a listen.

    • Shang

      Dear Shirley,

      I thoroughly enjoyed your videos. Thank you for sharing all these healthy tips.

      I have never tried grapefruit first thing in the morning but I am willing to give it a go and started today. I will also try to drink more water and have a green apple skin on.

      • Thank you for your comment Shang.
        I’m so glad you are starting your day with grapefruit! The pith is full of anti-oxidants and also good fibre. Remember to drink at least a full glass of water as well. .. 2 if you can – a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime will make it even more refreshing. Doing this first thing in the morning is the best and cheapest detox. Your liver, kidneys and colon will be so much happier!

          • Green tea is fine Shang. I found some green teas were very high in caffeine. I used to drink green tea at work when I needed to stay awake after a late night! Jasmine tea may have less caffeine.

  13. Efrem Manassey

    As to colonic irrigation, it is a health treatment I haven’t considered. Yet now that gut health is ‘in’, scientifically speaking colon wellbeing has become an important issue.

    Thank you Shirl, for sharing your considerable knowledge and experience of this topic. It’s got me thinking out of the box for the first time.

    • Colonic irrigation (or hydration) is what I thought about having for a long time – I searched YouTube for videos on it but couldn’t find a single one that explained the procedure adequately. I was determined to have one just to try out Dr Walkers’ theory – and so lucky to meet with Anna who operates the Colon Care Centre. The experience was nothing like I thought – I was comfortable and relaxed and felt really good at the end of it. I decided to have my second colonic taken on video, explaining each step and describing how it felt. You will see it soon this week.. the big reveal … quite an experience … something you can at least consider now that you know how it’s done.

      • Efrem Manassey

        As to andropause, Shirl, I agree that one point stands above all others in terms of relevance: Men would do well to get their testosterone levels tested by their doctor. Everything seems to hang on testosterone for guys, and not enough blokes in their forties and fifties get tested and take subsequent steps to maximize their T-levels.

        I can attest to the value of attitude, exercise, diet and purpose in life in maintaining the best T-levels for one’s age group.

        Should one decide to volunteer in a community and/or charity group, especially post retirement, one may find the interaction, involvement and a cause to believe in helps maintain T-levels significantly.

  14. Shoshi Simons

    Love your words of wisdom you are very much an inspiring force .Thank you for your weekly videos I love listening to you.

  15. Efrem Manassey

    Blog entry 6 was very interesting. I do find eating raw salad regularly most enjoyable.

    However for myself, I would consider some chocolate eaten apart from other things, on a couple of afternoons per week, a suitable way to assist milk chocolate consumption reduction. A step down process would be more effective than completely cutting chocolate out at once.

    • Enjoy your dark chocolate Efrem..and have you tried having a few almonds with them? I do that sometimes..one square and 4 almonds perfect in the afternoon.
      Incidentally anti-oxidants in dark chocolate almost negligible unless you have a whole bar (or 2 ..but please don’t!)

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