Post-lockdown joys

Thank goodness – so far, Sydney is looking well post-lockdown.

As I walk past, tables are full at cafés, and my favourite retail stores are now open. My very first purchase was a pair of ‘trail’ shoes – I wore out mine walking furiously during lockdown just to keep sane. Speaking of that awful period, I have had my second AstraZenica jab; apart from a slight fever and headache, I was fine from Day 2. 

I’ve also recently had my 5-yearly colonoscopy. Thankfully, all’s well. The special homemade bone-broth which I prepared and froze beforehand, and the unsweetened coconut juice and ginger tea made my fasting routine the day prior a breeze. (But I made sure I had 2 large poached eggs for breakfast before the fast – marvellous for keeping hunger away for longer.)  

However, I did succumb to certain ‘comfort foods’ saturating the media during lockdown. A modest square of Darrel Lea’s dark chocolate with licorice and a handful of almonds and walnuts was great in the lazy afternoons.  

TIP: Nuts eaten with anything sweet stop cravings for more sugar. Carry almonds and walnuts with you everywhere, and have them with 1 or 2 dates if you’re hungry in between meals. 

So did I gain extra kilos during lockdown? NO! 

Best of all now, we’re going full throttle at Dirk’sHealth on our bikes and treadmills. I missed the gym so much, and that exhilarating ‘high’ after our 45-minute routine was so worth it. I’ve already arranged a lunch date with gym friends, and am excited about spending time together chatting away, sharing our thoughts and experiences. 

Next week, you’ll see exactly what I do at DirksHealth – stretch pants and all. (We filmed that video 2 weeks before Sydney’s June lockdown, and it was so frustrating having to wait until now to show it.) 
But for this week, I’d love you to see the very last lockdown video Lionel and I prepared. If you thought your hair was out of control, watch what happened to mine …