My new Watch video, ‘Lockdown Tips’, was prepared at home by the Sherrys – I hope it cheers you up and provides practical advice for all lockdowners in Australia!

Lockdown Tips
Diet & colon
Friends, it’s all colonic
Know what to eat & when
Walker’s formula or yours?
My first (2) colonics
Your natural detox

Regular as clockwork or LATE?

Raw food preps
Deb’s zesty beetroot-veg-herb salad

Your morning grapefruit prep
Having dried fruit with less sugar

Diet & exercise
Lose weight, feel fit without drugs or fad diets
In good Nick – pushing weights at 80!
Dirk Hansen on cardio, weights & flexibility training

Smart cooking
Beaut baked beans NO wind or sugar?
Chicken/turkey schnitzel – lean & moist!
Glen’s delish vegan sausage roll
Flourless almond cake – by Celeste

Healthy kids
Health-wise kids