Investing updates: Sept. 2021

We’re thankfully taking our minds off Covid for now. This week, I’ll be reviewing shares I recommended in Invest 6.0. Many thanks to Sam for contributing in part to the post. He has a PhD in Accounting and will be a regular finance and tax writer for Shirl’s Pearls, but more about Sam next week!  … Read More

Are you WELL?

I am amazed at how little we know about our bodies.  I suspect this ignorance stems in part from deceptive and misleading advertising – we can end up being mere receptacles for the pills, powders and liquids we’re told to buy. Ignoring the cause, we rush to the pharmacy or health store to get what … Read More

Eat like the Animals

The authors of Eat like the Animals, Professors Stephen Simpson and David Raubenheimer from Sydney University, discuss their compelling recent book exclusively with Shirl’s Pearls. In joint scientific research over 35 years, they show us how to regain our lost appetite instincts for eating a (proper) balanced diet.