My Healthy-Cooking Challenge

In early January 2022 we spent the day with Debbie Tong in her kitchen – where her Thermomix sat with pride, revved and ready for a cooking demonstration. We picked 4 recipes we knew you would like. With the ingredients already prepared by Deb, we were ready to roll. Simply click on the headings to … Read More

Shirl’s Pearls turns … ONE!

To all my dear Pearlers, Friends and Family: Yes, it’s now almost a year since we launched!!  It was my dream. In 1959, aged 10 and with a pile of Enid Blyton books beside me, I remember closing my eyes and saying, “One day I will be a writer and speak to many people about … Read More

Investing Updates: December 2021

I was re-reading our September post on Investing Updates – and I thought this needed to be said again:  No-one can, or should, attempt to predict the future. Stick to the fundamentals and don’t get carried away by the hype. ‘A rising tide lifts all ships’ – but don’t be one of the dead fish … Read More