Dr Walker’s Food-Control Guide – the Basics1

Concentrated carbohydrates – examples as given above – should be eaten alone and not with fruits, vegetables or proteins. 

Fruits are the body’s cleansers and comprise between 75 to 90% water. Raw juice from all fruits contains the finest organic water available. Eaten on their own, fruits have an alkaline effect on the body. Eating fruits on their own is crucial to detoxify your system and save you money; you won’t need to buy ‘detox’ kits.

And don’t waste your time with smoothies. Pulverising incompatible fruits and grains into liquid nothingness is not nearly as good as crunching an apple.  

Concentrated starch and sugars (e.g. bread, bananas) and grains (e.g. oatmeal, cereals) eaten with fruit will ferment and turn acidic. Hence the ‘bloating and gas’ – words that advertisers love – and eventually, the distended stomach. 

To quote Dr Walker: 

‘Destructive fermentation and putrefaction in the body result from eating at the same time foods containing concentrated sugar and starch carbohydrates with concentrated proteins or with acid fruits. 

‘A chemical reaction, frequently called acidosis is likely to result.’2

Those points again:

  • Fruit (except bananas), protein and vegetables: OK together
  • Fruits are best eaten alone as they are the body’s cleansers
  • Acid-tasting fruit (e.g. lemon) in fact has an alkaline reaction in the body 
  • Melons – eat alone or leave alone: they’re very high in sugar!
  • Sugars and starch carbohydrates: eat alone
  • Proteins – e.g. meat, chicken or fish should not be eaten with starchy foods such as rice, potatoes or pasta.

Dr Walker also tells us that if we drastically reduce, and preferably completely eliminate, all cooked starches and meat, our health will significantly improve: 

‘Eating concentrated starches in excess results in inorganic calcium deposits in the cartilage of the joints … ’3

‘Eating of meat increases the body’s acidity. The processes of digestion and the breaking down of meat produces uric acid. The accumulation of uric acid acid in our system causes the pain and discomfort of rheumatism, neuritis and sciatica.’4

In my next blog, you’ll FEEL BETTER … even if you only change some of your eating habits. Read Walker’s formula … or yours?

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