Are you WELL?

I am amazed at how little we know about our bodies. 

I suspect this ignorance stems in part from deceptive and misleading advertising – we can end up being mere receptacles for the pills, powders and liquids we’re told to buy. Ignoring the cause, we rush to the pharmacy or health store to get what we saw on TV. Taken as directed, it should make us feel better. Didn’t they say it would??

Growing old but feeling fit, strong and well is a gift we ALL deserve. It starts with knowing how our body works and what we need to feed it. So simple, yet so easily overlooked.   

That’s why I’ve created Shirl’s Pearls. The information in my posts and videos is distilled from years of knowledge from people, news and books.  

Now in my early 70s, I still love people and asking why, what and how. From all professions and backgrounds, they’ve contributed to my wisdom-pool to give me a degree in the art of LIVING WELL.  

I believe you can change every aspect of your life by improving your food and exercise habits. It’s what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat — and how you exercise, move and stretch. 

There’ll be no secret formulas, dud diets or the latest superfoods. I will show you how to build and maintain a healthy body and mind – plus provide important tips on finance, getting along with people, work and life.

I speak to you, mature men and women – already set in your ways and thinking, ‘Too late for me!’ Please have an open mind. My advice will be vital, especially as you age. ‘Getting old’ is not the reason you should give, returning from the doctor’s clutching a rattling bag of pills! 

Gen Ys and Zs – you’re unlikely to learn this at university, swiping your iPads, or through social media influencers. It’s time to get smarter and learn about your health. Stop listening to people who care more about the money they want you to spend and less about you. 


Welcome to Shirl’s Pearls (Part 1)

Welcome to Shirl’s Pearls (Part 2)