About Shirley

I thought I would NEVER grow old. As a child, I didn’t understand how old ‘old’ was – but it still worried me. Why did old people struggle to sit down or get up from their chairs? Why did their hands shake, or why were their stomachs so ‘big’? I determined not to be ‘like that’, and hoped it wouldn’t befall my own family.

I learned much during my heady early days in Singapore, where I was born. From Dad, a thorough understanding of stocks and shares; from Mum’s books and magazines, a knowledge of health supplements, physiology and women’s health. Her books also fed my desire to write. My aunts, a celebrated and vivacious 50s–60s stage-duo, taught me guitar and encouraged me to sing. I treasured most of all the wise words of my 2 grannies – who taught me about life. Little wonder that my early careers began as a journalist and then as a crowd-savvy pop vocalist! 

I subsequently spent nearly 40 years working in HR and payroll with NSW Health in Australia. But it was then that I became mother, sister, aunt, friend and finance guru to my colleagues and to employees with their pay queries. They trusted me with their health, social and money problems; I would tell them what to do, who to see and what books to read. And they would invariably return with gratitude and a thank-you. I felt so privileged helping them. 

So here I am now, semi-retired and dealing with it: but I still hate scrolling to 1949 filling in online forms.

It’s not all bad; in fact, it’s quite good. I found a way to be fit, remain 45kg light, stay healthy, and equally important, be financially secure. And I’m more switched on and motivated than I was 40 years ago. Yes, I’m a baby bloomer!

There’s no need to succumb to age-related worrying conditions like obesity, diabetes, arthritis or dreaded dementia. We can grow old but not become old. So let me take you to the first stage of acquiring good health: RIGHT DIET, HEALTHY COLON.

My Team

Five beautiful Pearls who bring out the best in me: Lina, Dave, Amos, Kristie and Sam. My Guide to a Good Life began with you. You’ve encouraged, motivated and guided me through the unfamiliar world of social media. You’ve tackled every problem, fixed every flaw, never said ‘never’. We celebrated our first year together in January 2022! 

  • Lina: Who works wonders on our website and Instagram, and who’s always on call. We talk for hours! 
  • Dave: Shirl’s Pearls was his idea. He reminds me every day to “Keep writing, Shirl – and leave the editing to me”.  
  • Kristie: Who styled and painted the beautiful pearl logo above. She has a great eye for colour, has now set up our Facebook page, and still calls me “Auntie Shirley” …  
  • Amos: The baby of our team, but not in expertise. Always on time, on cue and in focus. So happy we found you! What a brilliant idea to go on Zoom to edit our videos. 
  • Sam: Who educates us on the ups and downs in the world of finance. My personal tech consultant, who always has a smile! 
About Shirl’s Pearls