Regular as clockwork or LATE?

Weren’t most of us given laxatives as kids if we didn’t ‘go’ for more than a day? Believing we needed a good clean, we bravely bore those awful cramps and diarrhoea … 

But sadly, CONSTIPATION is still in top spot as our most mistreated chronic disorder. 

A large range that could make you go ‘lax’ 

While today’s ‘added fibre’ and probiotics are less harmful than laxatives, they are still cop-outs to prevent us from EATING WELL. Probiotics are good during and after a course of antibiotics – but they are not an alternative to a decent serve of citrus with the pith in the morning, which will ensure your colon produces its own wonderful microbiomes. You’ll certainly recover faster. 

Raw vegetable juices, e.g. beetroot and carrot in particular, are best for constipation. If you don’t have a juicer, finely grate a dessert spoon of raw beetroot in your lunch and dinner salads. Warm water with lemon juice, or aloe vera juice and green apples also help you to stay regular. I guarantee you’ll be out of the bathroom smiling the next morning. 

But if you really like prunes and psyllium with your rolled oats, make sure you drink enough water. Some good advice from food and health journalist Judith Wills: 

‘Fibre in that form and the high-sugar content in dried fruit need much more water to be processed and I assure you, drinking a lot of water will NOT cause bloating or fluid retention. The surplus will be flushed immediately out of your system.’1


‘There is no point in preventing constipation with a high-cereal, pulse and dried fruit-fibre diet if all you do is blow your stomach up with uncomfortable wind instead … it is not just fibre that keeps you regular. I believe that more constipation is caused by not drinking enough water or eating enough citrus fruit … ’ 2

In short, ads promoting high-fibre foods and cereals simply deceive and mislead you. Don’t listen and mute the audio immediately!

After my 3 colonics (and no more for at least 6 months), I followed Anna Paredes’ advice: 

Drink 3L of water, slowly during the day
Add beetroot, grated carrots to salad (or juiced carrot & beetroot)
A green apple (less sugar than other varieties) which I now have 2 hours after breakfast 

Together with the powerful, rejuvenating effects of grapefruit (with pith) first thing in the morning, followed by either a kiwi fruit or red papaya, I am now regular without the slightest trace of constipation. Liberating!

The old breakfast cereal with milk is so quick and easy to slurp down with your tea or coffee. You’ve done it for years, your kids have it too, and there’s just no time in the morning …

Following my regime will take more time to prepare – but you and your family will spend less time at the doctor’s and less money at the pharmacy.  

If you’ve been taking laxatives – ‘natural’ or otherwise – for a long time, I recommend having  a few colonics to re-hydrate and revive your colon. Once done, your new laxative-free diet will work better. 

In No. 8 of Body Health, I introduced you to Anna Parides at Sydney’s Colon Care Centre. In her very own words, Anna says: 

Older people would benefit from having colonics. Overall, there would be a lifetime of inflammation (mucous) that has built up within the colon, inhibiting proper hydration. Lack of hydration reduces proper absorption of nutrients within the small intestine from the foods we eat. For example, refined starches soak up lots of water as they go through our digestive system in order to be metabolised. 

‘We don’t get to eliminate all the food that we consume on a daily basis, so old food and dense nutrient food tend to build up depending on how dehydrated the colon is, making the entire body sluggish and you feeling constantly tired. Eventually this will have a detrimental effect on the immune system and in time cause dementia, arthritis, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

‘Exercise will also stimulate the lymphatic system – one of our elimination organ systems. Lymphs that have been stimulated can aid bowel motions. As a supplement you can take magnesium before bed and don’t forget to drink your 3 litres of water during the day.’

Okay, folks – I think you’ve enough from my posts on Diet and Your Colon to get you started. Whatever your reasons – healthier eating, losing or maintaining weight, please keep my words in mind.

Please watch ‘Everything comes down to poo’ again from the old TV series Scrubs

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 2 Wills, p.28.