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Some of your comments

(Kay Franks, 22/12/21)
Dear Shirley, Wishing you and family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Thank you for the wonderful blogs Shirley, inspirational, Thank you. Kay

(Jung Longhust, 21/9/21)
This lockdown is really depressing but your never-ending positive vibe really picks me up. On this occasion, I would like to jot down few things about your post so far … I have been reading Shirl’s Pearls religiously since the beginning. I thoroughly enjoy every one of your posts. You have the most interesting life I know of. Your post is one of my favourite posts and I always look forward to your next one. Your post is like a breath of fresh air from all the bad news about Covid19. It is absorbing and fun to read.

Your post is for me a reminder to be positive and always learn something beneficial, healthy and is a smart way of living. These days I drink more water throughout the day and exercise more and I stopped eating my ex-favourite sugary cereals since I read your post and reading your book (ultra processed food like the cereals are so bad I didn’t realise until you educated me, thank goodness!, I stopped eating those now).

You boosted my confidence for a woman like myself who is trying to learn about investing but didn’t know where /how/what /when to start and what to research including learning about your personality before investing. I love the way you guide us into learning and how to go about investing. I can’t imagine how much work and effort you put into each post. You are so generous. I know so many people who don’t like to share anything, let alone sharing their precious knowledge and experiences – that could benefit many, is even harder. I thank you so much for including me on your post in the first place and sharing all that knowledge and your own experiences.

I just had to add one more … Shirley, I enormously enjoyed and learned a lot from reading the book “Eat like the Animals“ – what nature teaches us about the science of healthy eating by David Raubenheimer & Stephen J Simpson. I think the book should be a textbook in high schools – earlier the better so consumers learn the most important knowledge of healthy eating and a healthy life from that book! I am so lucky to be your friend. It is a wonderful feeling that you are cared and loved by a friend like you.