Dr Norman Walker: A life-changing message!

In 1980 after I moved to Sydney, I was given books written by Dr Norman W Walker, DSc, PhD. He established the Norwalk Laboratory of Nutritional Chemistry and Scientific Research in New York as early as 1910. His books Raw Vegetable Juices, Diet & Salad and Colon Health (written between 1936 and 1979) were life-changing for me. 

Dr N W Walker in his early 80s

I write this to tell you what all of us should have been told decades ago:

It’s the COLON. Your GUT. Rob it of its function and you rob your life. 

Dieticians and health practitioners constantly quote evidence from medical research – telling us what we should do to lose weight and live longer. ‘Wellness’ is the buzz word – but do we really need social media, manufacturers and celebrities telling us about supplements, wonder herbs and superfoods?  

They’ve failed to explain how our digestive systems process the foods we are eating. So we continue putting on weight, and rely on drugs to regulate high blood pressure, diabetes, unclog arteries and fix diseases in our immune systems. The excuse? “It’s old age, dear”, or “Just bad luck, I guess.” 

Here are 2 key extracts from Dr Walker’s Diet & Salad

… the very purpose of the colon as an organ of elimination is to collect all fermentative and putrefactive toxic waste from every part of the anatomy and, by the peristaltic waves (contractions) of the muscles, removes all solid and semi-solid waste from the body.  

“The best of diets can be no better than the very worst if the sewage system of the colon is clogged with a collection of waste. … or can I dare describe it as … ‘impacted faecal matter.’ ” (my emphasis)

Walker, N.W. (1940/1970). Diet & Salad, pp.11–12. Norwalk Press: Summertown, Tennessee.

Simply put, the colon is the body’s sewage system. Dr Walker’s diagram shows a colon ‘in trouble’:

A diseased, putrefying colon (Walker, Diet & Salad, p.13)

The source of our existence – apart from oxygen and water – is the quality of your food. The 3 essential components in it that we should look out for are:

  1. Phytonutrients
  2. Phytochemicals
  3. Polyphenols

Simply, they are nutrient-rich compounds and chemicals found only in PLANTS – and are absorbed more efficiently only when eaten RAW, and not when cooked, canned and processed. They help us fight diseases naturally, without depending on drugs for a cure.  

Nature has made the colon extremely efficient: in fact, it’s our very own garbage disposal unit. How do we keep it unclogged if, in Dr Walker’s words, ‘impacted faecal matter’ gets stuck in there? I’ll summarise his findings:

  1. Processed, fried and overcooked food, sugar and excessive salt all starve the colon of its ability to nourish nerves, muscles, cells and tissues within its walls. 

  2. Cooked and canned foods, bottled drinks, processed cereals and flour-laden foods expose the body to sickness and disease. Such foods actually starve the colon. 

  3. We need BULK (or fibre), which is essential for proper and complete digestion of our food; this is only derived from raw foods. Fibre acts like a MAGNET when passing through the intestines, retrieving residue of undigested food. This is what the colon depends on for its proper function as our ‘intestinal broom’.

  4. To replenish and re-invigorate our cells and tissues, we need more raw LIFE-GIVING foods whose ultimate purpose is to cleanse and remove dead cells and tissues. The resulting waste matter can then be carried to the colon for evacuation.

I’m 73 this month (May 2022). I’m physically fit, mentally fresh, motivated and hungry for the next challenge. I have a healthy weight, strong bones, and no chronic diseases. I wake up each morning with a song in my head and in my heart! 

For nearly 40 years now, I’ve learnt what to eat and when, to move and not stay still, to make new friends, to spend more time in the kitchen preparing fresh food. And I’ve been eating superfoods for all of that time: have you heard of plain old raw fruits and veg, grains, nuts, eggs and oily fish?

So everyone: Please spend your money on fresh food and at the gym – not on the advertising juggernaut. I can’t guarantee the results as we’re all different … but there is NO question in my mind that the food you eat and when you eat it holds the key to leading a good life!

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