Help for your Joints

In 2017 I injured my knee, and an MRI revealed a torn meniscus. My orthopaedic surgeon preferred not to operate and suggested I start physiotherapy and continue walking. I managed the pain without anti-inflammatories and painkillers – choosing instead topical creams and gels, adding more raw vegetables and papaya (rich in papain, an enzyme known to reduce inflammation and swelling) to my diet. 

There was a slight improvement after a year. I could walk slowly, but my knee hurt terribly if I increased my pace – running was impossible. 

I heard about ‘Arborvitae’ on the radio and was prepared to try it for at least 6 months.  The improvement in my knee was nothing short of amazing; slowly and steadily, I began to increase my walking pace with less pain. After 18 months I could run!  Usual muscle aches in my neck and back were much less, and my joints didn’t feel stiff. It was like having a new body! 

My website will always remain free of ads. Telling you about Arborvitae is my personal endorsement of a product that has helped me lead the active life I love and want to share with you. Enjoy the video!