Invest 4.0: Your lifestyle

I’m now going to get quite personal with you. How does your lifestyle affect your ability (or inability) to invest?

Firstly, take stock of your everyday life. Are you too busy to pay attention to your health? 

In my 20s and early 30s, I ate anything and everything that was ‘easy’ and that required the least preparation. I didn’t have an exercise routine, and lacked energy and concentration – not good when you have a family and are trying to build a second income. 

A regime of healthy eating, exercising, getting enough sleep, social interaction at work and with your family and friends sharpens your senses, keeps you motivated and inspires. Importantly, it LIFTS YOUR ATTITUDE: you become open to opportunities and are able to make rational decisions with your money. 

When I look around me, I see many people who frown and who appear distressed, worried and anxious. I smile at (mostly) everyone but no-one smiles back!  I get a certain pleasure in doing this because when even one person reciprocates, it’s as though I’ve made their day. And often the sad faces I see and meet are those with money problems. 

If this is you, do not gamble, invest or make any financial decisions, however attractive the ‘sure thing’ looks. Simply wishing you had more money won’t get you out of this hole. You need to solve your problem quickly

What should you do? 

  1. If it’s your health, seek professional advice. Don’t make excuses, or try to figure out what’s wrong with you.  
  1. If it’s your finances, seek professional help or ask someone you know who can guide you in this area. A good Australian resource is from the ACCC – its ‘Where to get help when you’re in debt’ guide is excellent. It’s important to remember that when you’re feeling ‘low’, you become vulnerable to get-rich schemes that promise ‘instant’ gratification. Gambling, buying shares or investment plans you know little about is DANGEROUS. 
  1. You might find a troubled relationship – whether intimate, with family or friends – the hardest to reconcile and fix. Whether we like it or not, our lives revolve around those nearest and dearest to us. 
  1. Is your work situation, happy or unhappy? I know I couldn’t possibly turn up for 8 to 10 hours a day working in a place that made me miserable. I wasn’t ambitious, because the people ‘higher up’ the chain didn’t inspire me.

My first and last permanent job (which I kept for 35 years) did not pay a 6-figure salary that my colleagues aspired to, but I LOVED IT.  My goal was to build a second income (my Dad’s advice!) and get home in time to make healthy dinners for my family – not to attend endless meetings, compile reports and spreadsheets. This wasn’t my thing and bored me senseless. 

Building wealth  

Now, that excited me! Reading the business sections of newspapers, talking, listening and observing with the objective of finding the next share to buy. 

When life took a beating, I took a deep breath. I didn’t trade until things went back to normal and I could make rational decisions again. The best part was that because I saved, invested and built my portfolio it was earning dividends: if I needed it I could sell one or two without having to borrow on my credit card.  

Do you dream of being happy, healthy and focused? Your lifestyle determines your wealth or lack of it.

Nothing runs in life smoothly. When there is a bump on the road, will you c-r-u-m-b–e? Or will you be IN CONTROL?  

Well … here’s where your PERSONALITY comes in. My next post Invest 5.0 will explore this very subjective but important element.

 1 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

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