Back to living strong, staying strong!

Our gym class is full again and I’m so happy that our ‘Live Long and Stay Strong’ group at DirksHealth in Sydney is back in action. Oh, how we missed this!  

I was a little rusty on the treadmill, but was forced to keep up the pace … especially with Dirk’s regular checks on me. I think he knows I lower the resistance level as soon as he walks away, but sorry, Dirk – the treadmill is getting to be quite strenuous.

Importantly, we’d love you to see the music video we completed only 2 weeks before lockdown. I was disappointed to postpone it, but gyms are now waiting for you and I hope it MOTIVATES YOU TO JOIN ONE!

And I finally had my hair professionally trimmed (Lionel had his first and last chance). Sydney’s ‘Freedom Day’ was 11 October, but for me it was ‘Happy Haircut Day’. I didn’t think to book weeks prior, and started to panic when nearly every salon I visited had waiting lists a month long. 

Lagaya is definitely what your hair needs!

Except ‘Just Cuts’ at Eastgardens, Pagewood. Six people queued outside, but my heart leapt when I was told wait-time was … 40 MINUTES! Hallelujah. I just had to celebrate with a large cappuccino at a café while I waited.

Lagaya did a great job – she is such an experienced stylist and a lovely person. We didn’t stop talking and I will definitely be seeing her again soon.  

So for all you Pearlers this week:

Treat yourself to a good haircut with an expert stylist like Lagaya.

To live long and stay strong, look for a gym near you and find your Dirk! 

(Courtesy of Andrew Dyson, SMH, 23/10/21)

3 thoughts on “Back to living strong, staying strong!

  1. Uschy Suter

    Hi Shirley, Thank you for sending your post via email…… this way I get to read it…(I am still not tapping into social media the way I should)🤪 Nice to know your life is showing signs of normality!!!!!! The same here…. however it will take a little while until we have a routine in the new normal again. A disruption like COVID certainly sorts out the chaff from the wheat…… Y2K / GST / Stock market crashes and other disrupters have come and gone too… thank goodness, Life goes on for the majority, regardless of outside influences. Let’s celebrate every day and live fully in the moment.

    Love Uschy


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