2021’s Mystery Flight 19

Wasn’t it just like that?

How long would the trip take? What would the weather be? Did we budget correctly? Would our clothes be suitable?? …

We’d anticipate turbulence. The ‘ding’ of the seatbelt sign would come on, with the crew telling us to fasten up and fold tray-tables. “Don’t worry, it won’t last long!”, their reassuring smiles would say. At times we’d see blue skies, relax again – but almost without warning, dark clouds would gather. The ride becomes bumpy, seatbelt lights ping on again. We’d clench our teeth until they went off.  

Of course, the first real jolt was provided by ‘Delta’ (Airlines?!). In Sydney, our premier gave daily media updates on the virus. Growing infection rates, hospital admissions, ICU patients … the numbers kept climbing. Some days were slightly better and we saw bluer skies. Did it mean we were beating this?   

We had to wait until October to be finally freed from our belted seats, and the buckles came off. 

BUT … just weeks before Christmas, the next heart-sinking descent was ‘Omicron’. Black clouds hovered again, and we had to strap in. Another jab, literally, with booster shots. 

So this is where we are now, folks: Christmas in Australia, 2021. 

We’d love to believe the flight’s finally ‘landed’, and we’ve ‘touched down’. But it does sometimes seem like we’ve never been to this city/country/island at all! That’s the mystery flight. 

Until I see clear blue for days on end, I’ll stay home and only be with those I know. It’s still too early for my third vax, and I won’t be on a real plane until that’s done. 

It’s not all bad, really. I’m grateful my local gym is open to small classes, and my new trail shoes give daily walks so much more spring. I’ve not eaten out or binged on pastries, sat for hours watching videos, or gained pounds. 

Moving on to New Year’s resolutions. Realise they really don’t work, and don’t last longer than a month or even a week. So let me help you make just one: FOR THIS YEAR AND FOR ALWAYS, DECIDE TO EAT BETTER.  

I have a gut feeling (go the pun!) 2022 will be the YEAR OF …THE COLON. You’ll see more research proving that what you eat will either make you sick and age sooner or keep you well and looking younger!

You might say, “It’s only the luck of the draw!” – and you may be right. But you can also keep the odds stacked in your favour. Add to this being financially secure, enjoying your work, family and friends, you’ll be fun to be around – active, enthusiastic, creative. 


We’re all hearing of how Covid has left us with more money to spend. If you really want a New Year’s resolution, start a savings plan for yourself and your family. Watch this video of my trip to the Canberra Mint!

2 thoughts on “2021’s Mystery Flight 19

  1. rosblatt

    Yes Shirley, it was just like that and for me, it still is. !! Hopefully we can travel once again safely and more important, my Colon will not let me down. Wishing you a very Happy, safe and healthy 2022.

  2. Efrem Manassey

    Hey Shirley,
    I enjoyed your 2021 flight analogy considerably. Glad your chosen carrier was Delta and not Plummet Airways. (In other words the feared super virus has not eventuated.) The latest Coronavirus variant is looking to be less virulent than Delta, thank Heavens. Nonetheless 2021 has been a most turbulent ride to be sure!

    You are right to suggest travel related prudence until the Omicron meteor shower has ceased is raining on earth. That is, until the main meteor shower has ended. Eventually we will get the hang of dodging the odd glowing rock falling from space.

    Eating healthily is a gradual process; incremental change is more effective than some desperate new year resolution. All too often these zombie resolutions are spawned from NYE alcohol fueled, late night dissolution. This kind of thing tends to keel over before the resulting hangover fades from memory.

    Well, even if 2022 does prove to be a better and easier year concerning COVID, there are still your regular flus around…
    I mean, should your proverbial flight eventually land, Shirley, one may disembark with the common flu caught on the plane itself. Apparently, a veritable horde of germs are found on inflight magazines, meal tables and toilet door handles!

    Sigh. I guess just living means dealing with one virus after another. 😉

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